About Us

Trout Unlimited History;

Trout Unlimited was established in 1959 along the banks of Michigan's Au Sable River by a group of 16 anglers who were interested in protecting trout in that and other popular fishing rivers. Founders included Art Neumann and George Griffith, creator of the popular fly pattern Griffith's Gnat. The first president was Dr. Casey E. Westell Jr. Neumann was the first vice president.

Trout Unlimited is an American non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of freshwater streams, rivers, and associated upland habitats for trout, salmon, other aquatic species, and people. Often contracted as "TU,"

Today, TU is a national organization with more than 150,000 formal members organized into about 400 chapters in nearly every state. Trout Unlimited has achieved a rating score of 88.26 from Charity Navigator.

Our Chapter Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek Anglers started as a fishing group by few anglers in Aurora and Parker area. Their initial goal was to fish in rivers, lakes on the Front Range area. Group’s initial name was “Aurora Anglers” . This group enjoyed fishing on Front Range. In the course of the events they realize that the Front Range Rivers need to be protected, restored for them to fish in the future.

To accomplished their goal they joined Trout Unlimited around 2008, become Cherry Creek Anglers, Chapter # 474

Currently Cherry Creek Chapter has approximately 600 members, in the Southeast Denver area.

The Chapter conducts various activities such as;

Monthly Chapter Meetings- This includes a presentation related to fishing locations, fishing techniques, conservation etc. by a well-known person from respected areas. The meeting takes place in a nice conference room in Centennial, CO area.

Fishing Trips: Chapter arrange fishing trips in Colorado rivers and Lakes. Open for all skill levels.

Fly Tying events: These are in 2 categories

Demonstration from well know Guest tiers, where the participants learn the fly tying skills from these tiers.

Fly Tying Round table-This is casual event- interested fly tiers get together in informal setting , tie flies , shoot breeze and learn from each other.

Outreach Events: We organize following events.

River Clean up

Youth Activities

Veterans Service Partnership

Women in Fly-fishing

All our events are open and free, check out on the calendar section.

Join us for our next event.