September Rainbows and Browns on the Arkansas River through Salida, CO.

Chapter members, Rudy Schreider and Steve Rozendaal prospected the Arkansas River this September for some early fall color in the form of a few Rainbows and Browns. Over all, it was two very tough days of fishing with low, warm water and a bit of competition, but a number of fish in the 12”-16” range were netted and some reluctantly posed for a photo.

Day 1:

Starting at the Cty. Rd. 166 bridge with our guide, a.k.a. “Caveman” from Ark Anglers, we found fish early, but lost a few opportunities to another guided party that leap-frogged ahead to fish some of our intended water. They didn’t catch them all and we had a fair day hooking fish on Dry/Dropper rigs (mostly on the dropper), and targeting fishy looking pockets along the bank. Precision casts were a must, although not always successfully performed. We did tempt fish with Ants and bushy attractor dries next to the rock banks. Sunburnt and sore, we took out at the East Salida Campground after a full day of casting and trying not to fall out of the boat.

Day 2:

We started where we had left the river the day before and floated down to Rincon Camp ground. The skies were exceptionally blue and lacked the ever-present smokey haze of the California summer fires. Fishing was even more difficult in this section with many shallow runs that scraped the bottom of the boat, but we did bring a few good, healthy fish to the net using similar techniques as the day before.

Overall, it was good to be out on the water tempting fish, but if you’re reading this, that’s just preaching to the choir. As you would expect, It certainly beat the alternatives of work or checking items off of the ‘Honey-Do’ List. And no one fell out of the boat!